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Service providers
Service providers
testimonial´s Market Place
Phonedo´s Market Place is a platform providing complementary services to your business for a full interface with Phonedo's telephone human answering service.
Business services: Narration, jingles, music on hold, call scripts, databases, Voice marketing, SMS marketing, telephone processing, Accounting, coaching, Computers, internet subscription, Equipment, financial advice, coursesvarious courses in sales and support.
How can I contribute?
Phonedo would love you join it´s marketplace if you provide any of the services mentioned.
How dose it work?
Step 01 - Registration
Register your account and fill in the business´s full details. Phonedo needs a business name, address, profiles on social and business media, fields of practice, opening house, etc.
Step 02 - Service Package
Create your service package. Explain in detail the offered service and answer to all system requirements.
Step 03 - Orders Handling
Phonedo provides to it´s costumers high quality service.
Therefore, we would ask for the orders handling and delivery to be on time as reasonable inquiries response time is essential.
How do I get paid ?
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Phonedo deposits it for you into a “Phonedo Credit Card”.
"Phonedo Credit Card" is acceptable worldwide at any business or ATM.
You are free to choose, all for your convenience.
What Phonedo cut ?
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When I’m getting paid ?
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