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Why does my business need Phonedo?
Phonedo provides your business with a professional, focused, dedicated and effective high standard human phone answering service. Our agents will serve your business´s support, sales and service needs in a variety of languages, specialties and skills. Phonedo suits shops, start-ups, free lancers, clinics etc. perfectly. Also, we are offering translation services. Without planning in advance, and with just one click, our agents will join your phone call and translate in your language of choice to both parties.
Which agent fits my business?
Phonedo allows you to define and sort agents according to languages, specialties, employment experience, and mostly according to ratings and recommendations from other businesses. Our experts analyse the qualities of agents in real time and embed that in a system that is accessible to you. The professional priorities ensure maximal results.
How dose it work?
Step 01 - Registration
Register your account and fill in the business´s full details. Phonedo needs a business name, address, profiles on social and business media, fields of practice, opening house, etc.
Step 02 - Setting Up a Switchboard
Phonedo is a telephony-based project, so a Switchboard needs to be set up for your business. If there is an existing Switchboard , it is possible interface and adjust it for working with the Phonedo platform.
Our Switchboard is a perfect solution to all your business´s human answering service needs. Big or small, anywhere in the world, you can choose your own phone number. There are options to create premium and free numbers, call routers, extensions, voice mail, diallers, customer relations management systems and much much more.
Step 03 - Creation of Telephone Campaigns
Create different telephone campaigns.
Phonedo grants you with an access to a variety of tools to create the best campaign. These include voice marketing, text message marketing, writing and content editing, call measurement, call analysis and more. Prepare call scripts with various conversation scenarios with an organized and neat menu that includes clear instructions for each case; Outgoing calls, incoming calls, sales and service. All of these will help agents to provide you with the optimal results.
Step 04 - Establishing Hotlines
Set up different hotlines for your campaign´s and business´s needs.
Phonedo will assign every hotline with an IP address or a dedicated phone number. Those will identify the hotline where the calls will go to.
When setting, you select filter settings for your desired agents. Define the number of needed agents, working hours, the nature of the work, their training, skills, employment experience, rankings, language efficiency and more. Define a budget for the agents and hotlines by different cuts; A general overall budget cost each call center, daily budget, hourly, monthly etc.
Step 05 - Charge the Account
Charge your account with different amounts of funding for your activity and purchases. Phonedo functions on a prepaid method and therefore a low balance will not benefit the Proper continuity of service of the hotlines. No setup and monthly fees are to be paid.
Step 06 - Activation
Activate sessions on one or several call centers simultaneously.
Define for each call center the activation times; either on an immediate base, at predefined time frames or on a regular schedule.
For every activation session Phonedo recommends a tariff for an agent’s hour of work, based on supply and demand calculations, and the availability of agents that answer the defined assortment.
You could at any time set a different maximum hour price, that will adequately effect the number of agents responding to the bids.
As a session begins and a flow of calls starts coming in into the system, "Push notification" – bid offers are sent to all available suiting agents, as well as to those who have requested to be notified if there is a relevant campaign in session. In a case there are too few agents at the maximum price or too many agents at a lower price, you can adjust the hourly rate accordingly. It is possible to set alerts that notify you via “Push notification” about any change in the count status of agents.
Payment to the Agents ?
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The payment is derived from a basic hourly rate and differentiates by the type:
• Per hour • Per minute • Outgoing calls • Outgoing sales • Incoming calls • Incoming sales
The basic rate varies according to measures of your rating, seniority, specialization, qualifications, unusual working hours, loyalty to a specific business, etc. On top of the basic payment an agent receives bonuses and tips.
The agent payment sum is within the budget you defined.
What Phonedo cut ?
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Do we have a registration costs ?
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Do we have a commitment costs ?
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