Talking is your best Talent?
Make Money out of it.

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Why work with
Talking is your best talent? Would you like to take an advantage of some extra free time and earn money? Were you waiting for an opportunity to do just that without committing or leaving your place of work? Phonedo allows that exactly. Be your own boss. With Phonedo, you will be granted with access to a wide range of different tools enabling you to enlarge your paycheck. Determine by yourself and for yourself when, where and for whom you work!
Which business should I work for?
Are you in drive for sales? In the mood for service or support? Do you feel like calling today or just receiving incoming calls? With just one click, you can choose your preferred field of action.
With Phonedo you run simultaneously different profiles or swap between them according to your mood at any given moment.
How dose it work?
Step 01 - Registration
Start by filling in your full details. Phonedo needs your name, address, languages ​​efficiency, skills, employment experience, degrees, qualifications, expertise, hobbies, etc.
Step 02 - Creating Profiles
Set up different profiles according to the type and nature of the activity you would like to partake. For example; Outgoing Calls - Sales or Surveys, Incoming Calls - Information, etc.
With Phonedo, you can always readjust, delete and add to the profile as you wish! The control is in your hands!
Step 03 - Activation
Activate your profile of choice.
You can run one or several profiles at the same time. For your convenience, you may choose whether you work on an immediate base, at predefined time frames or on a regular schedule.
You can also set preferences for types of work and promotion options.
The business operates one or several call centers simultaneously. Just like you, it defines for each call center the activation times; either on an immediate base, at predefined time frames or on a regular schedule For every activation session Phonedo recommends a tariff for an agent’s hour of work, based on supply and demand calculations, and the availability of agents that answer the defined assortment.
The business can at any time set a different maximum hour price, that will adequately affect the number of agents that will respond to the bids. As a session begins and a flow of calls starts coming in, "Push notification" – bid offers are sent to all available suiting agents, as well as to those who have requested to be notified if there is a relevant campaign in session. In a case there are too few agents at the maximum price or too many agents at a lower price, the business can adjust the hourly rate accordingly. It is possible to set alerts that notify the business via “Push notification” about any change in the count status of agents.
How do I get paid ?
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The payment is derived from a basic hourly rate and differentiates by the type of activity you have chosen:
• Per hour • Per minute • Outgoing calls • Outgoing sales • Incoming calls • Incoming sales
The basic rate varies according to measures of your rating, seniority, specialization, qualifications, unusual working hours, loyalty to a specific business, etc. On top of the basic payment an agent receives bonuses and tips.
The agent payment sum is within the budget you defined.
What Phonedo cut ?
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When I’m getting paid ?
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How do I get the payment ?
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Do we have a registering costs ?
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Do we have a commitment costs ?
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Promotion ?
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How do I earn even more ?
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